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Silicon Rim - for more Tempered GLass lids with Silicon Rim ( Ring) Please scroll down


We can provide you with any design and shape  of Tempered Glass lid you require

MultiSize Lids  ;  


               Stainless Steel ring   ( 5 sizes)

MultiSize Silicon Lids  S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL ( 3 sizes available on each lid, any color) 

Item size ( CM) 16/18/20cm 20/22/24cm 22/24/26cm 24/26/28cm 26/28/30cm 28/30/32cm


Marble Multisize Silicon

TES  Tempered Glass Lids  (Wide Stainless Steel Ring) 

         TES Polish Ring Vs. Satin Ring                                  TES/TEA with Vest Hole                                                     TES/TEA with Bridge Knob

TED  Tempered GLass Lids
                 TED Flat Glass lid                                                       TED ( dome shape glass)

TEB (TEB glass lid shape with larger width of SS ring. can be offered with or without the color silicon decoration)

      SS can be Offered Satin or Polish                             TEB  with Silicone decoration ( can be any color)

Standard Glass Vs. High Dome Glass  T Type Ring 



 C-Type ring Vs. T-Type Ring  (on the right High Dome Cut shape Glass T=Type)  


Variety of Vent Holes over  Tempered Glass Lids

                         SS Vent Hole - Stansard                                 Easy Flow Vent Hole                                                         Silicon Vent Hole

Glass Lids with Silicons Ring 

GAGA Group Tempered Glass lids' Silicons are available in both FDA or LFGB approvals. 


Variety of Silicon colors and designs are available                                                 Marble Silicon Multi size                            Marble Silicon - Dome shape

Removable Silicon

Removable Silicon -Flat glass     Removable Silicon -Dome Colander    Removable Silicon -Flat Colander    


Polish Edge Glass            


Special  Ring design


Silicon & SS Attachment                      

           Glass with Silicon, SS attachment                                                                                       
                 & Silk Screen decoration

         TEB with Silicon Circle decoration                                                 T- Type Ring with Color Silicon Circle


SS + silicon - Colander Lid                                 Stainless Steel Colander ( E can be 28mm/20mm)                                       Dome  Colanders


  Large Glass Window with very  wide SS

Window Tempered Glass Lids with Wide Stainless Steel                      


       Wide SS window Glass-High3                                                     wide colander SS window Glass                                        
Large Hole

Tempered Glass lids shapes: ( Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular )



Tempered Glass with Bridge Knobs - TEB


The images in this web site are for illustration and samples purposes.  This is not the whole line of GAGA Group.  Should you have any other design requirement we can develop it with you and for you.

For Accessories  Handles, Knobs, screws, washers and Silicon Rings & silicon kits  please  click :  Accessories for tempered Glass lids  

We invite you to join the growing number of customers worldwide who recognize that with GAGA Group.,the future of unique quality product is already here.

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